Tyson Fury On If He Is Nervous About His Wrestling Debut

Tyson Fury will be making his wrestling debut at one of the biggest WWE shows of the year in Crown Jewel, but according to him, he is not nervous about his first match.

Both Fury and Triple H appeared on ESPN First Take yesterday to promote the Boxing star’s debut in the sports entertainment industry at the upcoming show.

During the talk, Tyson was asked if he feels nervous about his first match and replying to it, the undefeated Boxer said that he thinks he was born for this:

“I’m not nervous, like you said, I’m a showman, and you can expect fireworks. I think I was born to do this. I’m a natural entertainer as you can see with the boxing. Now I’m going to the real entertainment, the best value in entertainment in sports, WWE.”

Triple H also commented on Tyson Fury’s training for his wrestling debut. The Game praised Fury saying that he has taken it like a fish in the water.

H went on to say that Tyson was custom made for this and revealed that he has been on WWE’s radar for a long time due to his athleticism.

Tyson Fury will be making his WWE debut in a singles match against Braun Strowman at the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Oct. 31

This report was written by Anutosh Bajpai and was taken from SEScoops.com

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