Update On Xavier Woods’ Achilles Injury

Xavier Woods suffered an Achilles injury during a WWE live event from Australia over the weekend. WWE officially addressed the injury, highlighting that the Superstar had been pulled from the rest of the tour.

Woods suffered the injury during a tag team match against The Revival. At one point during the match, the New Day member simply crumpled to the canvas. It didn’t take long for the referee to assess the situation and throw up an ‘X,’ alerting backstage the injury was serious. At the time, fans in attendance shared that it appeared to be an ankle injury. Sadly, it seems to be more serious.

An Achilles injury can take a long time to heal and rehabilitate. Riddick Moss, who suffered a tear earlier this year, was expected to be out for up to 8 months. He was able to return to in-ring action in 5. The average recovery time is approximately 6 months, post-surgery and rehab.

Taking to Twitter, Woods uploaded a GIF of a foot explaining the common causes of injury to the Achilles tendon. It explained that it can occur from “repetitive or sudden increase of stress on the tendon.” He accompanied it with an apology that read, “Sorry #WweSydney”

On Tuesday, he followed up with this tweet:


Hopefully, Xavier can have a speedy, full recovery.

This report was written by Steve Russell and was taken from SEScoops.com

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