Rest Well Shad Gaspard

Unfortunate news broke this past Sunday that former WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard had gone missing while swimming in Venice Beach with his son. Strong currents took both Shad and his son into dangerous waters and when rescuers jumped to the scene they were instructed by Shad to save his son before him. Thankfully they were able to rescue his son but when they returned to the ocean to rescue Shad he could not be located. His body was identified on the shores of Venice Beach early Wednesday morning.

Shad Gaspard is mostly known for his work in WWE as one half of the tag team Cryme Tyme. Even though the gimmick could be looked at as a harsh racial stereotype against African American men, Shad and his partner JTG brought the WWE Universe countless moments of entertainment. Who could forget the time Cryme Tyme helped John Cena destroy a limo belonging to JBL?

Shad left WWE to pursue acting receiving small roles in movies like Get Hard starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, as well as the latest Harley Quinn themed film, Birds of Prey. Shad also was working on a screenplay based on the hardships in professional wrestling.

To his family, friends, and peers Shad Gaspard was known as a positive light to anyone he has ever come in contact with. Since his disappearance, social media has been flooded with endless stories and first-hand accounts of Shad’s kindness and generosity. Not only did the wrestling world lose a great mentor and advocate but the world, in general, lost a shining example of the good in humanity. To the very end, Shad showed an example of what it means to put the ones you love the most before yourself.

My thoughts are with Shad’s family, friends, and coworkers during this difficult time. May you take solace in knowing that Shad’s presence in this world brought many people countless moments of joy and entertainment and his life is looked at with gratitude and respect.

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